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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Firefox 2.0

I hate u.

Why have tabs suddenly become *such* a pain to use (if, like me, you tend to have like 8000 open at once)? Why can't I figure out how to allow popups if I want? What's with the new yet unimproved look?

Sorry to harsh on you guys, but I can't figure out where I benefit from not using 1.5.

-- umair // 12:16 PM // 8 comments


Use Flock?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:37 PM

I agree. Its been a long time since I've considered swapping Firefox for a different browser, but on OS X, Firefox is a dog. Chews CPU for unknown reasons. And the tab management sucks.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:39 PM

Funny, I was just going to write about how much I like the spellchecker.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:45 PM

Umair: sorry to hear you don't like the new tab scrolling feature. Here's how to revert tabs back to their behavior in 1.5:

- Enter about:config in the url bar and hit return
- In the filter field enter: browser.tabs.tabMinWidth
- The default set value for this is 100.
- Double click on the browser.tabs.tabMinWidth entry, and change the value to "0" to disable tab scrolling
- Restart Firefox 2; you should be golden.

// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:36 PM

Have to agree that 2.0 hasn't been a great leap forward. The Google toolbar constantly crashed Firefox so I disabled it. Not impressed when I can go back to my last session; dozens of times a day.
// Blogger Harold Jarche // 1:28 AM

Very nice! I have also removed all appearances of the "close tab" button using the ordinary preferences, since I only use CTRL-W or the middle mouse button to close them. This can also save you some space.

I didn't test if this feature is only available with the Tabbrowser Preferences extension (which I happily recommend).
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:18 AM

Lifehacker has done some great posts on how to tweak Firefox:

Hope you learn to love Firefox 2.
// Blogger Gen Kanai // 5:58 PM

Don't know if you're benefiting, but myself and coworkers are in love with 1) session restore 2) in-frame spell check - see, it just corrected "benefiting" :)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:42 PM

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