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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Innovation Wednesdays

On tonight - same time, same place, Coco Momo, 79 Marylebone High St, between Bond St and Baker St tubes, 7-9pm.

Tonight, we will be discussing the madness of crowds, who it helps/hurts, reviewing the key deals of the week, and, of course, celebrating the results of the election in the States.

Everyone is welcome, bring a friend, etc.

NB - Due to very nice clients and friends who have got me hammered for the last 5 nights in a row, and given the alarming rise in the number of drinks consumed at the last 3 Innovation Wednesdays, I have to warn you guys - I will be drinking (very) lightly :)

NB (2) - There's a big pic of me here, in case you have no idea what I look like, and you don't wanna stumble around a bar with zero information (thanks to Seamus for the tip).

-- umair // 1:31 PM // 2 comments


We shall see, we shall see.

I must admit I will probably be doing the same. I don't think my liver can take much more of a beating. :)
// Blogger Unknown // 2:01 PM

I have to warn you guys - I will be drinking (very) lightly

Odd way to celebrate the return of consensus to US politics...

Alas, I can't make this week - for reasons that I assure you are entirely unrelated to this sudden and unwelcome burst of abstinence! But when are you going to test my theory that you'll get a lot more attendees if you post a photo of yourself along with the invite? I bet a lot of people aren't coming just because they don't want to wander around a bar asking lots of inebriated strangers "are you Umair?" Call it an experiment in reducing search and transaction costs if you like...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:16 PM

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