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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Jobster is really cool : brings in some much needed 2.0 luv to the oh-so-broken job sites. Shows how an innovative business model (job finds you as much as you find the job) can be implemented with all the usual 2.0 stuff to create a fresh offering.(via MeFi).

-- Mahashunyam // 1:16 AM // 2 comments


Jobster is great in that they have realized that if you make it easier for employers, you make it easier for job hunters too. However the controls leave something to be desired. At least it's free and easy to find people from the employer perspective. If they work on improving the general UI and adding more advanced search options, they'll really have something.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:18 AM

Jobster looks pretty cool, but I found this

the wiki structure seems like a good idea for encouraging anonymous user contribution. Jobberwiki is pretty light on content right now, but i think i'm partial to wiki sites.....if you like wikipedia, you'll like jobberwiki.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:32 PM

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