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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Media Innovation Briefing

Hi everyone, I have authored a longer piece about how markets, networks, and communities are driving media innovation with the seriously cool guys at Innovaro.

Check it out here, enjoy, comment away, etc.

-- umair // 12:17 PM // 2 comments


Thanks for sharing :)
// Blogger alberot // 9:58 AM

awesome paper, much thanks for sharing.

on myspace: i see what you are saying about myspace and the efficiency and innovation they are bringing to new media, although IMO there are a couple of big problems with myspace:

1. usability. a site that is as appallingly unusable as myspace is simply waiting to be defeated.

2. edge. i dont see myspace as really feeding the edge; everything is about sending traffic to myspace, and they seem to be quite trigger-happy with blocking widgets. fred wilson commented on this in one of his blog posts a while back, and i agree 100%.

IMHO those two factors could cause myspace to fail no matter how much innovation they are bringing to the table in terms of new media.
// Anonymous kid mercury // 1:52 AM

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