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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Bubblegen needs more widgets. Please rec some that you would like to see - thanks for any recs :)

-- umair // 1:21 PM // 10 comments


Do you use delicious or equivalent? Certainly be interested to see a feed of what you've been bookmarking. If you can be bothered to keep a list of what books you've been reading Librarything does a widget for that too. Perhaps Tioti or someone like them will knock up a "what TV I've been watching" viral funpack to complete the set. And if you want to be stalked even more than that, just stick a Buddyping map on the site and we can follow you around... :)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:25 PM

A widget for a widget?

Don't want to be a smart ass, but what would you like to deliver?

// Blogger Unknown // 3:47 PM

Umair - If you are into music, check out our widget -

Just provide a URL of any podcast or html page full of mp3 links and it will put that into the widget.

Or, you can create a free account inside of Streampad and then create a playlist from other podcasts, mp3 blogs, etc and put that on the site.

Streampad is a web-scale audio application. In addition to playing any music on the web, you can place-shift your own music library and see what others are listening to in real time. The widget is tied into the application. Listen to a song on the widget, it will show up on the main app. You can see some other sites with the widget here
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:48 PM

Check out our widgets at You can create an entire dashboard of widgets and then publish it in heads up mode over your page....very cool. Too see what I mean go to and click on view yourminis in the upper right. In the near future you will also be able to publish individual widgets from yourminis onto your blog
// Blogger Alex Goowy // 6:04 PM

Check out you can create entire dashboards of widgets and then publish them from your blog.

Check out to see what I mean - click on the view yourminis in the upper right to see how publishing from your blog looks - it calls up the widgets in heads up mode over your blog - very cool.

Also in the near future we will give you the ability to add individual widgets from onto your blog.

Check out some of these pages for examples of what people have done with yourminis.
// Blogger Alex Goowy // 6:23 PM

Blinkx provides a widget with videos (fed by RSS) on whatever issue..
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:57 AM

Don't know if you watch much TV, but check out this widget It'd be great for showing users what you think is actually worth watching out there.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:52 PM

FIM offers a widget platform... Unique feature - can be embedded on a page and then popped off the page and onto desktop. Skinable as well.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:57 AM

bunch of widgets at
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:56 AM

I have a widget that will display youtube video based on an entertainment selection you will do @
visit my blog to see an example with songs (but it works for people, cities, movies, ....etc).

That's a great idea.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:06 PM

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