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Monday, February 26, 2007

Evil Google (2)

This Google accounts nonsense is causing me extreme pain.

I can't log out of gmail, or else I get logged out of blogger (etc...)

What a pain - it sounds trivial, but it means I have to log out of 3-4 things multiple times at once - it's that multiplier that's the killer. Imagine doing that 4-5x a day - not fun, big waste of time.

The last time I remember someone doing something this irritating and out of whack with real-world consumer behaviour was Microsoft and Passport.

lol - it's pretty funny that Google is so Microsoft. Monopolists of a feather...

-- umair // 2:47 PM // 6 comments


Just out of interest, why would you want to log out of Gmail only and keep yourself logged in to Blogger?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:27 AM

I get the passport parallel but don't agree with all the fuss... and beyond agreeing or not, the parallel is based on a false assumption: you log-in/out of a "google account" once, say in gmail then if you open blogger (w/out logging out) you go to your dashboard.

Same goes with log-out: logging out from blogger also logs out from gmail.

The only (real as in serious) risk is if you forget to log out from a public computer.
// Blogger Alberto Nardelli // 10:32 AM

Yeah... try to share documents with someone at a non-gmail e-mail... The process for them to forward that to a different e-mail address is ridiculous.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:28 PM

If you want to maintain multiple online personalities with distinct active sets of cookies one way to do it is to run multiple web browsers. For example IE/Safari plus FireFox plus Flock gets you three contexts.
// Blogger Adrian Cockcroft // 7:30 PM

hi guys,

like the vast majority of emailers, i have numerous gmail accts for different stuff...different kinds of work and play.

now, the only way i can blog is in a single one of my work identities.

which is pretty stupid - it's just raw ignorance of real-world consumers.

or, and here's the more likely reality, it's google's way of saying - we only *want* you to use one gmail account, so our data is richer...and here's the stick we'll bludgeon you with to make you do it.
// Blogger umair // 2:10 PM

"Vast majority of emailers"...? Until now, this is the first time I've heard of people actually usin multiple Gmail accounts (beside those people who use them as online file storage).

Careful now with those generalizations from personal experience ;)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:22 AM

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