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Friday, February 16, 2007


Does Perplex City/Mind Candy's strategy require a bit of rethinking?

I don't have numbers, but reading this (the solution to the first season, direct from the winner), makes a powerful case that perhaps it's Ninged - too geeky for the mass market, not high-margin enough to capture value from geeks.

It should be interesting to see how the investors respond - can they rethink value creation, without killing the essence of the innovation - or will they pull a LinkedIn, and sacrifice long-term value creation for near-term returns?

An interesting play to follow.

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" The fourth reason is lifestyle: I am self employed and could afford both the time and the petrol to visit the woods from London on both Thursday and Friday, when others were stuck behind desks, or scraping together the money for a weekend visit with friends."

on the other hand if they can get this kind of commitment from their community then something is going right?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:49 PM

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