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Monday, March 05, 2007


Lots of questions about the name of the site - why does it keep changing randomly?

Simple answer: fun.

Complicated answer: to make us think.

-- umair // 2:12 PM // 2 comments


Hi Umair,

A bit late, but I'm taking you up on your "topic suggestion" post a few weeks back.

Something that really interests me is the relationship between brands and culture: how and why particular brands implicitly or explicitly sponsor/underwrite particular artists/shows/etc.

On top of this, your discussion of house DJ's (pseudonyms, tiny imprint labels that serve as stylistic cues for record diggers, etc) at the end of one of your Powerpoint presentations was EXTREMELY on point.

So, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the intersection of the structural changes happening in the music industry [especially coupled with the fact that barely any musician needs to infrastructure of a label to fund his operations] and the need for brands to be culturally relevant.

Where can music catalyze or be an example for "brand plasticity," microcultures, etc?

Many thanks for your wonderful insights!
// Blogger Ethan Bauley // 7:23 PM

Topic suggestion, if you don't mind.

You haven't written much about the BBC's moves in online media, unless I've missed them somehow. I would love to know if you see a tougher road ahead for public media like the BBC and PBS? Does their non-profit position give them greater flexibility to experiment? Of course, let's assume they would be smart enough to take your advice and execute.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:25 PM

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