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Monday, March 05, 2007

Bemes Me Up

"...* Memes are linear, Bemes are nonlinear.
* Memes move in a jet stream, Bemes have a splatter pattern.
* Memes are viral, Bemes are pandemic."

If you don't already know, beme = blog meme.

imho, this is a bit utterly specious. Viral effects are how pandemics happen. Pandemics are nonlinear; conversely, no meme is "linear", in the same way that viral dynamics are never linear.

I have no idea what jet-stream vs splatter pattern means.

The point I wanna make, though, is this: if we want all the fun stuff happening in the Valley to have an impact...we have to start thinking/discussing at a bit more of a higher level.

NB - Yes, I started Bubblegen long before this guy decided it was a nice name for the next Gen X/Y/etc...

As far as I know, he's taken great care *not* to ever link to me - what a surprise.

There used to be a gift economy at work in the blogosphere (man, did I just get some serious Tim O'Reilly points), but now I suppose there's no honor among bloggers (or bemerz, as they are now apparently known)...

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