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Monday, March 12, 2007

Bring It, Jimbo

A rhetorical question, of sorts:

Why is it that, after 4-5 years of exploding profits, market power, value chain control, global domination, etc....

competition in the search space is left to Jimmy Wales...and not:

*Michael Eisner
*Sumner Redstone
*Alain Levy
*Insert random media CEO here

I'm only a grudging Jimmy Wales fan, but seen from a strategic point of view, this lack of competition has been nothing short of an economic perversion.

It boggles the mind that such an enormity of strategic imagination can actually coexist within the confines of a single industry.

NB - Yes, I know, many tried during the bubble and failed - that was in a very different category of risk, long before there was a proven market, business model, value chain, etc...

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