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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Laws of the Post-Network Economy: Advantage is in the DNA

Yahoo doesn't need a Brickhouse (akak skunkworks).

Contrast Yahoo with Google. Google doesn't just have one Brickhouse has - it has thousands. That's the net effect of management innovations Google has pioneered, which give people the space to play, experiment, and create.

What Yahoo needs is radical management innovation - it needs fresh genes mainlined directly into it's stale, worn-out DNA.

Let me put that another way: Yahoo thinks the post-network economy demands a typical corporation, with nicer marketing. Google knows the post-network demands a new kind of firm - one which is different in it's very DNA.

That's the real source of Google's advantage.


-- umair // 1:57 PM // 3 comments


Totally off-topic (yank it if you must) but this video about the 10 principles of economics is hillarious if you haven't seen it yet:
// Blogger Unknown // 9:31 PM


My observation from consulting to a large Telco / Directory / Online company is that management decisions in these companies can be very political and disconnected from reality.

These companies don't need brilliant, insightful strategies. All they need is consistent, practical, realistic decision making that is firmly grounded in reality.

That would be a vast improvement on what they have and get them quickly moving in the right direction.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:59 PM

Hi guys,
I'm a newbie. Found this site by search. I'm trying to understand how the media industry works (or should I say 'new media'). Do you know where I could get a primer (i.e what books?)? Or should I just stick to this site??
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:15 AM

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