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Monday, March 12, 2007

Next Wednesdays Are Back

Will be back on this week, same time, same place... :)

Coco Momo, 79 Marylebone High St, 7pm.

Apologies it's been off - I've been travelling like crazy, and then working like crazy :)

I will look forward to seeing faces old and new - all are welcome.

Topics of discussion? Fire away in comments.

-- umair // 1:19 PM // 3 comments


Same time? This will be the first one actually happening on a Wednesday since you started calling them "Next Wednesdays"!
// Anonymous Seamus // 4:52 PM


Unfortunately can't make it, off to NY ... Next Next Wednesday it is tho!
// Anonymous paulpod // 9:57 AM

re: the post on Open Coffee Club one of the topics this week should be how to get traction for Next Wednesdays?
// Anonymous jamescoops // 11:39 AM

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