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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reminder: Next Wednesdays

We are getting together tonight, details below or at Next Weds.

Please help spread the word :)

-- umair // 11:48 AM // 4 comments


That linked page talks about some meeting that was 4 months ago and on a Thursday. So is the new one today? And I had to wade through lot's of pages to finally conclude that it is indeed in London (does it?) - you could make it easier.
// Blogger zby // 4:59 PM

hey zby,

thanks for the catch - blogger hadn't published my post from this morning on the nextweds blog.

it is indeed tonight.

apologies for making your life painful :)
// Blogger umair // 5:05 PM


I was there at about quoter after 7 - but it was crowded and I did not know how you look like.
// Blogger zby // 10:17 AM

hey zby,

sorry about that - look up my pic on flickr, or i will post it on next weds website :)

cheers and apologies.
// Blogger umair // 6:51 PM

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