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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ground Control to Microsoft...

"Microsoft says the Linux kernel, which controls the software's most basic functions,...infringes on its patents."

As the article goes on to describe, they have hacked out 'revenue-sharing deal' with Novell for up to $40 million a year. Wow! $40 million a year! Surely that will make a huge net difference in Microsoft's future for the next x years.

Snarky comments aside - the spirit and principle of this 'deal' is wrong. Sure, in the short-term there isn't an immediate upside for Microsoft in embracing open platforms. However, the long term benefits can be far reaching. These entail: building a culture of innovation, sharing, creating a hotbed of ideas, and building products that help people, not just the bottom line.

Such thinking requires vision - a quality that Microsoft has yet to demonstrate in the 21st century.

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