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Saturday, June 30, 2007

How Media Becomes Evil

The problem is that there's a structural tension to (to put it bluntly) sell consumers out, and kowtow to their "real" customers - who are, of course, advertisers.

In other words, incentives get reversed as mediacos grow.

Google's been successful, in large part, exactly because it's been able to avoid this competence trap.

But check this out - Google Health with a not-so-veiled attack on...Michael Moore.

It's a bit crazy - and an almost perfect example of such an incentive reversal.

Wow - because it's also such a blatantly obvious one.

-- umair // 8:31 PM // 1 comments


You said it, evil!

I wonder if anybody in Google beyond the health advertising group will pick up on the contradiction. Otherwise it's the beginning of the end (if the end had not already begun earlier...)
// Blogger Bob Haugen // 12:30 PM

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