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Saturday, June 30, 2007

How to Arb AT&T (Maybe)

For the prospective iPhone buyers among us:

1) Lock access to credit history
2) Obtain super secret no-credit pricing plan reserved for high-risk iPhone buyers from AT&T
3) Pay 20-50% less, avoid two year lock-in, profit.

Apparently - read the thread - but I haven't tried it, standard disclaimer, etc...

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Here's what you do:

1. Get a US iTunes account
2. Plug in your iPhone to activate
3. Enter some US Address
4. When asked for a SS #, just enter all 1's or all 9's and submit
5. Select the helpful PrePaid option at the next screen

Link to story:

That SS will guarantee a rejected credit check at which point iTunes will give you the option of starting a Pay as You Go plan for your iPhone. I did this for a friend based in London and FedEx will deliver his iPhone on Tuesday.

It is actually a "Pick your Plan" option, but still no contract. The cheapest Pick your Plan is $50 a month, I believe, and you can stop it anytime.

If you stop the monthly payment you can still use the iPhone over WiFi and as your iPod.
// Blogger alcatholic // 12:30 AM

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