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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The iPhone Will (Really) Revolutionize Mobile

So I just played with the iPhone.

I'm by no means an Apple fanboy - if anything, I'm an Apple skeptic - but, I have to say, the iPhone is gonna be revolutionary, transformative, revolutionary.

First - and foremost - it utterly transforms browsing the net on a mobile from a cosmic pain, to something not just palatable, but deeply, deeply desirable. Something you don't just do when you have to - something you because you want to. That's a sea change.

The gestural interface isn't just cool - it's the kind of thing that astonishes and delights, in the same way the Wii does.

It's hard to put into words - but Apple's nailed the kind of interface and experience that will probably power generations of future products.

Typing isn't nearly so bad as it's been made out to be - I hit around 70% accuracy with zero practice. I could easily imagine typing away without too many problems.

Yes, it has flaws. But it really is - much more so than the iPod - an amazing, almost dazzling thing.

I will be very surprised if Apple doesn't double or even triple it's projections - the iPhone speaks directly and incredibly powerfully to just why the entire mobile value chain and experience sucks so much.

The States is not the place where this revolution will really happen so much. But in Europe, where mobile net is much more a reality, the iPhone will clean up. And the same is true for Asia and Africa.

-- umair // 6:30 AM // 2 comments


Aww...I am so jealous! I don't know when the IPhone will make it to my beloved frozen iglooland up north.

Good to have you back.
// Blogger Mahashunyam // 5:55 PM

You have mentioned Asia and even Africa but no words about Latin America and Iphone's impact here! Hello, we are in the same continent and even we aren't in Apple's radar carriers here are already deaing with Apple's boys to bring it to Brazil (where there are more than 100 millions mobile phones).
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:17 PM

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