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Friday, June 29, 2007

Open Beats Closed

What will happen when Myspace makes data about the network available, ie, opens the platform more fully?

An innovation explosion.

The Facebook platform is nice, but in the (less than enlightening) discussion about class differences between the two, we've left out an essential point: Myspace gets (way) more attention than Facebook.

And the real meat, the network itself, is richer, denser, etc...

Remember, huge differences in outcomes flow from tiny differences in initial conditions where nonlinear stuff (like this) is concerned.

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A wiser man than I said recently:

"As it happens, we already have a platform on which anyone can communicate and collaborate with anyone else, individuals and companies can develop applications which can interoperate with one another through open and freely available tools, protocols, and interfaces. It's called the internet and it's more compelling than AOL was in 1994 and Facebook in 2007."

Facebook is the new AOL (
// Blogger Gen Kanai // 2:16 PM

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