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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Industry Note: Ninged 07 and Let The Devil Take the Hindmost

Last year, I discussed getting Ninged as one of the cardinal sins a startup could make.

This year, getting Ninged is one of the cardinal sins an investor can make. Why would Legg Mason and pals dump north of $40m into Ning's sideways strategy - a hypothesis the market whose validity, by now, disproven with a vengeance?

Two words - dumb money.

I'd be surprised if even the usual M&A suspects are interested in Ning. But if they are, cash in your chips - then the bubble is definitely on.

So far, we haven't seen many (almost any) examples of a let-the-devil-take-the-hindmost mentality in the new media space.

But this deal may (really) be the inflection point which cascades the industry into full-on infectious greed.

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There's money piling in from some other unexpected sources. How about Videojug getting $30m back in May from private equity financier Jeremy Coller, founder of Coller Capital and the VC arm of the hedge fund Sloane Robinson?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:31 PM

Umair - your content is, as always, great. But why oh why don't you have an RSS feed somewhere???
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:33 PM

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