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Friday, July 06, 2007

Why Marketing Sucks, Pt 197615

Apparently, widgets are "youth marketing tools".

Wow, really? I thought they were decentralized -- never mind.

The point is that the fundamental reason media sucks is because mediacos - perhaps the entire industry - has almost no strategic imagination.

Youth marketing tools? You've gotta be either kidding - or amazingly obtuse - not to note that the whole point of most widgets is to kill orthodox marketing dead.

But, of course, you can only see that very real economic outcome if you first drop assumptions like media is always and everywhere a "marketing tool" - which is, of course, one of the key assumptions that's taken a blowtorch to big media profit margins.

Honestly, I can't slam this kind of cheezy "research" enough. The single most powerful reason most marketing sucks is because it's based on this kind of trivial, economically irrelevant nonsense - ie, demand is just a reflection of a few "surveys" (which have no validity or accuracy), a few focus groups - which in turn is built on simplistic assumptions like media is a "marketing tool", etc.

-- umair // 9:39 AM // 2 comments


Couldn't agree more! It's tragic how marketing has been reduced to plastering a sales pitch at the first available opportunity. Instead of creating real value Instead of chasing the next 'new media' marketers would do much better if they created value - their media costs can then tend to zero, and returns be exponential. You have talked about Craiglist elsewhere on the blog, and I believe bubblegeneration itself is a typical exemplar - I return to it religiously to see if there is a fesh post, and I believe many more readers do like wise! No marketing messages, just pure value. BTW, I work in advertising.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:40 PM

Umair...can you be a bit more forthright :)

You missed a good Chinwag session a few weeks bag that backs up quite a bit of your argument re widgets...I blogged it here on broadstuff

Re marketing sucking...its interesting when you think of the pressures it is under right now, to imagine it's future.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:05 PM

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