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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Stuff

Based on the hefty response to my post yesterday (about a list of interesting startups profiled by bubblegen), I would also like to do something else - discuss new startups on a regular basis.

I think part of the reason there's a lack of interesting new plays is the people discussing them. For example, Arrington is a nice guy, but TechCrunch is more PR than real analysis or vision. And venture guys simply have too many vested interests these days to discuss much interesting stuff - beyond pitch advice - on their blogs.

But real analysis and vision is exactly what most startups need.

So, here's the deal - if you wanna be covered, drop me a line. Given the amount of time I have, and if you're interesting, I will do a short bit of analysis on your play. Hopefully, the rest of community will chime in as well.

Oh yeah - thanks for all the responses to yesterday's post.

-- umair // 4:10 PM // 2 comments


Great to hear that you're goin to step in more on this mess...

You're the man!

BTW, there are some budding discussions of Bubblegen over at (google "bubblegeneration").

I also started a Bgen facebook group [even though you're right about it being evil, I thought it would be simultaneously interesting and deeply ironic].
// Blogger Ethan Bauley // 7:52 PM

if conflicts are getting in the way of interesting stuff on my blog umair then i am going to stop blogging.

no point in being a brochure

// Blogger fred // 1:50 AM

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