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Friday, September 07, 2007

Research Note: The Death of Simulation

"...He announced that henceforth he was banning a whole bunch of hackneyed TV news ‘tricks’ which had previously been foisted upon the viewing public. These included the famous ‘noddy’ shots, wherein a reporter interviewing someone is later filmed nodding sagely in agreement with whatever is being said — even if it’s John Prescott — to let the viewer know that the reporter was rapt and interested"

A very nice and simple example of where new DNA comes from.

The noddy shot - and other associated tricks of the trade - are totally out of sync with the next media economy.

Why do young people never watch news on TV? One of the reasons is that it's so inefficient - noddy shots etc are just a massive waste of time and screen space. Who cares just how interested xyz anchorbot looks? It's utterly irrelevant to the news.

The edgeconomy demands hyperefficiency.

Conversely, as the Guardian points out, the price of inefficiency in the edgeconomy is often the loss of trust - the growing expectation that you're not there to create value; just to profit from a decaying monopoly.

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