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Monday, September 17, 2007

The TechCrunch 40 and The Death of Web 2.0

So, the TechCrunch 40 are ummm...a bit underwhelming.

I don't many of these plays are investable - there are many different reasons (no real economic problems, no strategy, capital intensive, little business model insight, too much competition, blah blah).

And the list is just kind of...strange. For example, Flock is on it - and Flock is a company which had it's moment in the sun a couple of years ago, and has gone firmly sideways since then.

Plays like those Mike has chosen are, unfortunately, not often hugely interesting from an investment point of view. They are minor problem solvers - but not real engines of value creation.

Apparently, lots of smart people agree.

The point is that I'm going to make a list for bubblegen of 10-15 interesting plays.
If you wanna be considered, drop me a line :)

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Hi there...its Zack. I am just wondering if you will publish this list to Bubble Gen...?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:25 AM

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