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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Industry Note: Open(social) Beats Closed

Later, we'll spend some time teasing apart the microdynamics of Opensocial vs F8.

For now, you should note - if you've been reading for the last few months, you knew way ahead of the curve exactly how the dynamics of competition in this space would unfold.

Google's move is so close to our prediction of competing on openness, it's not even funny.

-- umair // 10:53 AM // 7 comments


Looking forward to that one. It really will be classic centre v edge stuff. If the mini-feed stops being useful, I can definitely see room to out-innovate, but perhaps the real test will come with one of those "black swans" and which model can adapt most quickly.
// Blogger Unknown // 1:49 PM

Agreed, but note that Google is still not proposing (from what it sounds like) a completely open system.

As Arrington puts it, "OpenSocial is a set of three common APIs, defined by Google with input from partners ..."

Defined by Google? The standards should be defined by the users.
// Blogger Rick Burnes // 2:33 PM

Hey Paul,

That is exactly right.

Hey Rick,

You're right as well - and that's where the competitive pressure in this space leads to in the long-run...look how far we've come in just a few weeks :)

Thx for the comments.
// Blogger umair // 3:28 PM

maybe google reads BGSL and got their strategy from you. i do.

// Blogger fred // 6:27 PM

Reading a lot of the comments I think most people are running in the wrong direction and thinking OpenSocial is a platform or system when it is simply a standard.

Google has used it’s brand to help drive an [industry] standard at lightening speed. As Rick and Umair state, it will need to open up, the challenge will be how they achieve it. Peer Production anyone?

This is really good for all and actually not evil for once because it explodes potential for value capture and more importantly creation for everybody else.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:44 PM

Crap! Well there goes that business idea. Its good to see such a huge player behind it though. Of course this was the inevitable transformation of the social networking marketplace. Closed social networks make about as much sense closed email/messaging networks.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:07 AM

rick burnes, right on. that is def right. its amazing how fast this is all happening. love it.
// Blogger Cutcaster // 3:16 PM

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