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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Industry Note: The Ponzi Faceconomy, Pt 1838733

There is one massive, glaring reason you should be very, very wary of the Facebook hype at this point in time - dumb money. And lots of it - hedgetards, indeed.

-- umair // 12:49 PM // 2 comments


MSFT was all over cable companies with big dollars at crazy valuations for small percentage ownership in 1999 and 2000....I see deja vu all over again.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:21 PM

hahaha that is a first time i have heard of hedgetards. I work in the industry and that is very well played. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that facebook used these "hedge funds" to drive up or support the valuations that they were requesting. we shall see.
// Blogger Cutcaster // 8:11 PM

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