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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Research Note: How (Where, and Why) to Innovate at the Edge

Mini case study.

Killer stuff. Much love for the Twitter kru - this is textbook (ie, how = experiment, where = open market space, why = because the thing itself sucks).

Poor Nokia - I know, it should have been you. Why wasn't it?

Because, if you followed my FOWA talk, Nokia's got no purpose or vision - and no new DNA to back either one.

Final note - one principle we discuss a lot here is that, at the edge, business models happen. Ev's discussed this in his own terms quite a bit.

You are seeing perhaps the most vivid demonstration of this principle you're gonna see for a long time: but the deeper economic point is that mastery of the edgeconomy is really all in the DNA (ie, Ev != Bill Gates/Jerry Yang/Dick Parsons/etc).

-- umair // 12:41 PM // 4 comments


Ah... so this is where all that traffic is coming from! :)

How goes it?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:08 PM

How come is it such killer stuff it it is just another advertising channel - and in all your previous posts you systematically stuffed our heads with the message that advertising is cost for the viewers and if you multiply the even that minimal cost by the number of the viewers you'll see how inefficient the whole thing is and that it is going to die.
// Blogger zby // 4:21 PM

hey charlie,

it's going well - hope things are cool at your end.


it's not "just" another ad channel - it's one that's largely free of competition at the moment.

yes, ads as nuisance costs will die. i think the twitter kru gets that - they're not gonna shovel random stuff into that channel.

what was killer about it was the bigger point - that they are rethinking the how/when/where/why of innovation.

thx for the comments.
// Blogger umair // 4:32 PM

thanks for a great blog, umair.
are your FOWA slides available - google, slideshare and FOWA site checks found zip.
// Blogger Unknown // 7:19 PM

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