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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Can I just take a second to say that I find the (Cadbury's) ad with the gorilla playing the Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" drums so far beyond annoying I actually have to resist the urge to throw things at the TV every time I see it...

Yes, we get it, we should buy the chocolate, it's like the gorilla pounding the drums that massively relieves all of our/the song's tension. Or something.

-- umair // 9:31 PM // 1 comments


try living 3 miles away from a huge & beautiful Cadbury's factory that has been part of the landscape of this part of England for 80 years ... and is going to close down because Cadbury's are moving production to Poland.
Then you will know just how irritating the ad is.
I understand globalization but this ain't that; it's just a chase a competitive advantage that will never happen
// Blogger Unknown // 8:20 AM

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