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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Edge Principles: Good Beats Evil

Special Wal-Mart edition. Do not miss.

-- umair // 12:32 PM // 3 comments


I remember reading some rumblings about Wal-Mart considering getting into the health care business a while back.

It's a bit bizarre to say this, but I hope to God that they do it. I bet it would really work for so many people.
// Blogger Ethan Bauley // 5:35 PM

Good to know that consumer pressure finally had an effect. Now if we can just convince them to reduce their imports from a country that puts date rape drugs in our kids' toys.

And God help us if Walmart gets involved in providing health care industry. We don't need cheaper for-profit healthcare. We need to cut out the profit to make healthcare cheaper. I don't want a price-cutting company making decisions about what care they can afford to provide me to keep their "Always Low Prices".

Now if they want to start a pharmacy and do what the government OUGHT to be doing... negotiating wholesale drug prices with the manufacturers, I say go for it! Stick with retail, stay out of healthcare management.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:42 PM

interesting blog
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:53 AM

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