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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Future Schlock

Who would've thought that next-gen advertising could be so incredibly lame?

Oh wait - Joost did.

With a universe of possibilities exploding all around you - the best you guys could do was this?

Note to Coke - forget about widgets. They're irrelevant for you. Focus on the bigger picture: rethinking marketing. Because marketing is really the only reason you exist at all anymore. And if the returns to marketing continue to get vaporized - so will you.

Note to Joost - stop being so...ummm...lame. Do something bigger and better than simply imitating everyone else. You have the resources, and the brains. Find the hunger.

-- umair // 10:51 PM // 2 comments



It's always been all about marketing.

It's fizzy sugar-water, one of many, born during the birth of such tonics, and always and forever will be about marketing.

Marketing is part of Coke's fundamental DNA. Perhaps they lost that when it became all about distro over the past 25 years in foreign markets?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:48 AM

hey anon,

that's a good comment.

you're right - it's always been mass marketing (leveraged to distribution).

the point is that *was* ok - it created some value in the massconomy.

today, mass marketing is starting to destroy a lot more value than it creates.

as a result, i think a lot of players like coke have to smarten up - or get unbundled.

thx for the comment.
// Blogger umair // 12:59 AM

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