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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hey guys, I have a friend whose eBay account has been hacked - any advice on how to get in touch with eBay/fix it/recommended steps?

-- umair // 4:08 PM // 3 comments


My account got hacked about a year ago as well, tough to find a phone # on the site to call, I think what I did was to click on the live help button and then asked the rep to give me the fraud #, then call the fraud #... going through all that took me > 1 hour... in the meantime your friend should make sure there are no auctions listed under their name, contact any potential buyers/bidders, change their password to soemthing more secure, etc.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:55 PM

My sister works at Ebay at a senior level. I can pass a message through her, if you want.
// Blogger Brooks Jordan // 5:47 PM

hey bill,

thx for the tips.


thanks a lot for the offer - i think he has got it fixed, but i may take you up on it if he hasn't :)

// Blogger umair // 3:29 PM

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