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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Edge Principles - Free Beat Paid

Jaron Lanier: Pay me for my content.
UH: Uhhh...are you sure?
JL: Yeah. Now pay up before I cut my dreads off and make you eat them.
UH: OK!!! Sorry!!
JL: Good. And stop stealing content.
UH: (Speaks rapidly) Dude there are about a million advertisers who would have bid the price up way (way!) higher than me don't you wanna maximize your returns??
JL: People pay for virtual goods and music. Ergo, they must pay for all content. You better shutup unless you wanna a mouthful of dreadlock.
UH: Those are durable goods...most content...ghhhh..isn't...noooo....phhrrhghle...bllllrggggg...mfffffgg

(Later that afternoon)

Brian: jaron, there is this thing called opportunity costs
you may have seen the NYtimes learning about htem
me: lololll
GREAT example
post that!!
Brian: i will, since you have a mouthful of hair
which is, you know, gross
me: LOL
tell me about it
Brian: the reason walling up content is mainly wrong
is that it removes the plastic element
not being able to recontextualize
will be a great sin of omission
de valuing
me: sure
cant search it effectively
but also a deeper reason
supply exceeds demand
= advertisers will pay more than consumers

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