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Friday, November 23, 2007

Research Note: The Next Economics of Marketing

We're thinking about marketing, today, in incredibly simplistic terms.

And, perhaps worse, in incredibly shallow terms.

We have to understand how companies and brands can - once in a very, very long while - impact people's lives tremendously for the better. Once in a very, very long while, some companies manage to interface with consumers in way so powerful that we don't even think of it as marketing.

It's not - in orthodox terms. But it does help us understand what next-gen marketing - creating value for consumers, not imposing nuisance costs on them - will look like.

That's all more than a little obscure. What am I talking about?

Just read this. And think about it for a few minutes - especially about what the interaction between the firm and the consumer could be.

-- umair // 4:31 PM // 3 comments


That's an amazing story. It's really interesting how if a brand does all the right things in all the right ways it can have such a lasting impact. For me, it all starts with the truth inside the product, if there's none, marketers will try to fake it and be deceptive. The secret here is we need better products and the rest will come naturally.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:06 PM

Brands that endure always have great stories. And they're almost never the original draft laid out by the inventor/founder, but are co-authored with consumer. If you don't allow the consumer to rewrite the story in some way, you don't really have a brand, just a product in fancy packaging.
// Blogger Scott Crawford // 5:30 PM

hey guys,

excellent stuff.

thx for the comments.
// Blogger umair // 5:39 PM

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