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Thursday, November 22, 2007

So, like, I was saying, the state of the blogosphere is ummm...lame.

If you think this is marketing, you're about a hundred years out of touch. It's not marketing, it's just minor-league gaming; the same thing record labels did for half a century. And look where it got them.

It merits about as much discussion as the color of my socks.

In fact, this post is about one step shy of pure spam (honestly, if you think it's interesting, just join an seo forum or something).

Or you could just read Howard's post, it's much better than mine.

-- umair // 11:27 PM // 8 comments


OK. So. What colour are your socks.
// Blogger Bill Kinnon // 11:55 PM

loll. how did i know that was coming...!
// Blogger umair // 11:57 PM

and because that post was so not interesting, i just canceled my subscription of your feed.
// Anonymous Ben // 9:28 AM

lol. feeds are obsolete.
// Blogger umair // 10:10 AM

hey umair i got to say i think I think that the post is interesting in tactical terms if you're involved in online marketing/ promotion It's not strategically interesting but so what?
// Blogger James // 1:12 PM

The recording industry enjoyed a half century of mafia-like control of a market. The blogosphere has some work to do. ;)
// Anonymous Matt Terenzio // 4:11 PM

hey james,

even tactically, those moves are big mistakes. it just costs too much to stay in that arms race - much more efficient to simply build real relationships and earn trust.

hey matt,

the point is that those tactics don't work anymore - if they did, labels would still be raking it in.

thx for the comments guys.
// Blogger umair // 4:18 PM

ok that makes sense if you're trying to build long-term value. i dunno though i find the bottom-feeder stuff like SEO, link-baiting, social-media-optimisation really interesting for some reason.
// Blogger James // 5:03 PM

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