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Wednesday, November 21, 2007 it just me, or does Google (search) suck a lot more than it used to? Lately, I can't seem to get any decent results. All of which makes me spend a lot more time searching than ever before.

-- umair // 11:56 AM // 8 comments


it aint just you that thinks so. though it still seems to come tops when people like alternative search engine watch do tests.
// Blogger Unknown // 12:13 PM

Semi- (ultra?) evil scheme to tackle declining CTR on AdWords?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:20 PM

Pattern observed here too; with the perceived degradation sufficient to prompt experiments with alternatives.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:24 PM

It's been getting worse for some time as the SEO arms race has dragged on.

I hit on an approach accidentally that gets me much better searches:

Of course not everything you search for is in a blog, but concept searching works great there. When searching for something literal, some work well on blogs and some don't. Those that don't seem to search better on Google anyway.


// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:25 PM

another approach: just go search wikipedia. works for me.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:16 PM

lololll. that was pretty good.

thx for the comments - nice to see i'm not the only one + the seo linkage. verry interesting.
// Blogger umair // 4:17 PM

Agreed. Try searching instead. It's not the solution for all searches, but it's superior for many search tasks. I use Google or Wikipedia for fact-based searches and use more and more for searches where quality or opinion matters. Only problem is that it's achingly slow relative to goog.
// Blogger Joe Lazarus // 3:30 AM

try yahoo (no joke). it's a split second slower, which makes a world of difference in search, but i actually think the results are better.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:07 PM

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