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Friday, November 23, 2007 there's a revolutionary idea just itching to build a business design for social nets...economic perfection.

So good, in fact, if I was running Myspace/LinkedIn/Friendster/Orkut/etc, I would have a team hurling this into beta like yesterday.

Oh yah - don't worry abt Facebook. I don't think it's in their DNA to do something this good/not evil, etc, if you've been following the analysis for the last month or so...

-- umair // 12:41 AM // 5 comments


Hey Umair, I've been working on this for about 2 years now. We're running in private alpha. We roll into beta early next year. It's hacking advertising into a person-to-person recommendation network.

Let me know if you want to see the private alpha.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:01 AM

I was just talking with the guys at during the week, and they are very much into this way of doing things. Expect a fb release soon. HOWEVER: one of the things that might be interesting is if fb pushed recommendations from both strong and weak relationships to you, based on your conversations you were in. The mini-feed is not really "optional" yet it is undoubtedly powerful. You can tweak it, but it isn't "plastic/liquid" (maybe it should be!). For a lot of users out there, some push elements have value.
// Blogger Unknown // 8:10 AM

Hmmm...I could see this as being the "killer app" for OpenSocial. The same service that leverages all of a person's networks.
// Blogger Unknown // 9:35 AM

Now that's a smart idea from james right there....
// Blogger Unknown // 9:52 AM

And Simon.... , perhaps a great opportunity for someone to get in early and post an open API...
// Blogger Unknown // 10:04 AM

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