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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Edge Principles: Free Beats Paid

The structural pressures for more and more goods to be free/indirectly paid for are going to intensify sharply in the edgeconomy. Media's just the tip of a very big iceberg.

And more and more revolutionaries are going to discover that shifting from paid to free is a particularly powerful path to fundamental, often deeply necessary, and utterly radical business model innovation.

Here's an interesting example in a totally counterintuitive industry - cars.

Read and reflect.

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Well - its not really for free - it is just amortized. But I do think that we shall see more and more free things and I think where it leads is a redefinition of *value*. Currently we have the simple system of just converting any value into money, and we have economic theories why this works - but it looks like in the more and more complex world those theories don't hold any more. We are entering a world where there is no one standard of value.

And by the way what is with the NextWednesdays? I would love to meed this Wednesday - since most probably I am leaving London and I still have some ideas to discuss.
// Blogger zby // 1:40 PM

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