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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Facebook, DNA, and Advantage

Fake Steve makes the very points I've been making about Facebook for the last few months:

"...Thing is, nobody ever doubted that Facebook can do better. What's scary is the fact that they won't do better until people start to scream at them. It's the fact that it doesn't really seem to be in their nature to do the right thing. Their instinct, in fact, seems to be to do the wrong thing, and to keep doing it until they get caught. Even after they get caught, their instinct is to spin and fudge and brazen it out. No wonder the Borg has partnered with them. It's a match made in heaven. These guys are like Google, only their slogan isn't "Don't be evil" -- it's "Don't get caught."

That's exactly right.

DNA is powerful because it shapes and constrains the strategic choices players are able to make. That's why advantage is in the DNA; why Facebook seems like a mute actor on a stage, unable to stop itself from making tremendously wrong choices over and over again.

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