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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Industry Note: Dazed & Confused

Ryan from Engadget makes an interesting point about the dynamics of competition changing in media.

Let me carry what he's saying even further.

Media revolutionaries have to decide today if they want tomorrow's media industry to be as like yesterday's. They have to make decisions about how to compete for the future.

Let me explain.

Beneath all of Zuck's grandiosity - "media changes once every hundred years", apparently - was a profoundly rich, deep irony: that Facebook's contempt for consumers is well, almost exactly like big media's contempt for consumers.

Plus ca change is an understatement.

Look. You've gotta choose, guys. You can't sit on the fence forever - I'm looking at you Digg, Memeorandum, Technorati (relaunch or not), especially Facebook, etc. Either you buy into the old model, or you don't.

Now, I don't think buying in is a good move - but at least you'll be putting some chips on the table. The worst thing you can do is to end up like Facebook - dazed and confused.

So which way do you wanna go?

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Great pointsm but I do not believe there is a new model just beyond our vision.

Revenue comes from advertising, subscriptions or selling physical items. The only option is are you going to do that as morally best as you can, are you going to do it the lazy way, or are you going to do it the unethical way.

I suppose one of them could develop a whole new model, but if they did it would be breaking a barrier that has stood for far more than 100 years. (Zuck is far short in his estimation of how often business models change.)

So the only question is when are they going to accept they have to make money the old fashioned way or not make it at all.
// Blogger Unknown // 4:58 PM

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