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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
DNA "> #thetitle#


Twitter --> DNA

What's interesting about Twitter isn't what it is.

It's how and why it got to be that way.

Twitter happened because the Twitter kru isn't playing by yesterday's rules. From a relative point of view, Twitter is open, messy, plastic, the Twitter kru lets things happen, etc.

Twitter is interesting because it's what happens when new DNA reshapes the very essence of production - reshapes the decisions we make about why we're doing things in the first place.

Boardrooms can't make Twitters - suits kill Twitters dead. Massive existence proof: Ev has launched how many groundbreaking services now? While every boardroom under the sun continues to fiddle while Mediapolis burn.

That's a massive problem for the firm of the future.

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i will bring this to the next twitter board meeting and place it on the table

thanks Umair
// Blogger fred // 7:29 PM

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