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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Macropocalypse is in the DNA

Finally, the realization is dawning.

It's not a liquidity crisis, or a solvency crisis - but a crisis of DNA (more).

The next stage of the crisis will be harder - because central banks don't have the levers to change the DNA of the financial system, or the economic system.

Their role is simply to target inflation (and/or unemployment). And that's increasingly part of the problem.

-- umair // 1:00 PM // 5 comments


It seems that the banks are intervening in the "wrong" places, an older idea I just came across in an article on places to intervene in a system, by Donnella Meadows:

"They haven't the slightest idea how it [the world banking system] will behave," myself said back to me. "It's cranking the system in the wrong direction—growth, growth at any price!! And the control measures these nice folks are talking about—small parameter adjustments, weak negative feedback loops—are puny!"
// Blogger Harold Jarche // 4:27 PM

it is not just central banks that are lacking in dna, no one, and no institution, with any kind of power or influence in any sphere, economic or political, anywhere in the world, has the dna for transformation of innovation, let alone an inclination to "do what's right"

you will have to wait for a couple of generations to just die off, or else start, recognize, a parallel system of interaction and decision making that is beneficial to the big "we" of all of us on the planet

organizations exist to perpetuate their existence, i am sure you know this .... basically, we need a lot of chaos for the standards of perpetuation to change
// Blogger gregory // 4:46 PM

here is some great edge dna, from einstein

Einstein quotes as chapter titles for a modern-day marketing book
// Blogger gregory // 5:44 PM

Yup, there has to be chaos for real change to happen. I just hope (for my children) that the dark ages don't last too long.
// Blogger Harold Jarche // 11:11 PM

c'mon, write something man!
i've got serious abstinence over here.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:53 AM

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