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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Next Wednesdays Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Jan 23, Detroit Bar , Earlham St, Covent Garden, from 7pm.

We will be discussing the macropocalypse, the Bernanke Put, why the 2.0 kru blew it in 2007, etc.

All are invited, bring a friend.

-- umair // 8:03 PM // 4 comments


Hey Umair, hoping to pop in for a bit tomorrow if time allows.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:59 PM

see you there - there should be a facebook group for this! much easier to co-ordinate people than blog comments! i will also twitter it.
// Blogger James // 11:28 AM

When shall we all meet next? Keen to continue the conversations as the markets unbundle..!
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:37 AM

Great to meet all of you guys yesterday. Enjoyed chatting about the web2.0 stuff, and trying to keep up with the macroeconomic stuff.
Sorry had to dash off early, looking forward to the next one.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:59 PM

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