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Friday, January 25, 2008

Rethinking the Corporation

A nice article from Businessweek exploring exactly what we've been talking about: the death of value creation.

Highly recommended.

-- umair // 6:28 PM // 2 comments


"death of value creation" must be referring to perceived value creation, because if i take a log and build a house, that kind of value creation still exists

the point that business week cannot say (thanks for the link), even though they use the word "illusory" about six times, and the wsj cannot say, and the fed cannot say, is that the entire "economic system" is illusory

it is an edifice of concepts piled up one upon the other, measurements are taken of small gaps in the edifice, indices are created based on the angle between one card and another in the house of cards ... and it ALL is illusory

there are larger realities that are not yet measurable or even sense-able that affect even the strongest of mental models about reality, let alone economic reality

you point out a lot of things. coming from a higher order of understanding, (it amazes me how "low" the existing system is, cave men admiring their new pelts, while a tiger is sneaking up on them), among them, in effect, is that the emporer has no clothes

thanks for your blog
// Blogger gregory // 3:52 AM

it drives me nuts to see these supposedly smart 'executives' spend time and money on such -frankly - juvenile and parasitic concepts as 'brand universe' and 'brand pages' when the world is crying out for real value creation. the corporate-verse is NOT smart, it stinks. keep the flame burning umair - keep telling them how lame they are. it will take a million years for them to realize how utterly useless they are, but somebody needs to tell the emperor he has no...well...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:35 AM

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