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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why Marketing Sucks (For Dummies)

You know, strategy can often be deceptively simple.

Example. Ads (still) suck.

Explode the value proposition, make ads that don't suck, etc.

Please, someone - do it already.

-- umair // 7:34 PM // 2 comments


The problem is it's really fucking hard to make ads that don't suck - especially for things that do.

And it's the things that suck that are dependent on obnoxious advertising.
// Blogger rafi // 7:53 PM

I actually enjoy ads that entertain (Apple vs. PC), inform (Google sponsored links), or both ( vineyard and wine updates). It would be nice to have tools that helped me find, focus, and refine ad messages that match my tastes. Ideally, ads could implicitly target my needs rather than wait for me to explicitly request them.

// Blogger Vada // 6:38 AM

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