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Thursday, February 14, 2008

En Direct

Hi folks - if you've never had the chance to hear me geek out in person, and you wanna do so, spend a sec to check out the video comment responses we're doing at my HBS blog.

I got a very interesting comment, and uploaded a longish video clip in response, discussing the changing nature of advantage.

It really does help bring the conversation to life.

I'm gonna try and do these regularly, so if you're interested, comment away there (unless it's about my incredibly nerdy sweater :)

-- umair // 7:30 PM // 3 comments


The video was great and it really did add a new dimension...VERY cool.

Also, I was taken aback by that sweater! I'm pretty hip but I could never pull that off.

You got away with it because your innate Euro-worldliness...

// Blogger Ethan B // 9:25 PM

Yes, I also found the sweater to be visually distracting...In future videos, would you mind wearing something a bit more ascetic so that all the focus will be on your ideas and not on your wardrobe?

here are some ideas:

// Anonymous Zack // 10:48 PM

I thought the video was great - like you said, it really does bring the conversation to life.

And, er, I didn't even notice the sweater....
// Anonymous James C // 8:02 AM

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