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Monday, February 18, 2008

The New Economics of Brands

Hi folks. This week at my HBS blog we're discussing the new economics of brands - as an example of how traditional sources of advantage are failing - in text and in video.

I've noted several examples of branding plays gone wrong here on Bubblegen (you know who they are) - but I haven't discussed the economics of brands, why brands are decaying, or what next-gen branding will look and feel like.

So if you're interested in a deep dive on brands, economics, and advantage, check it out. It was a fun post to write.

And, as always, please leave a comment there to let me know how you guys are enjoying the community/discussion/etc - I will try and get a video response going when you do.

-- umair // 2:54 PM // 2 comments


why are brands decaying? people are becoming more conscious.... not only more media savvy, jaded, fed up with being manipulated, but literally, more aware of subtle energy, the intention of marketers comes through the ads to the point of reeking, and they are clearly, obviously, NOT interested in me, only in themselves

to a person with any sort of developed subtle awareness, more of us everyday, advertising actually is giving the opposite message of what advertisers think...

ad guys, we have intuition, you cannot fool us, and if you are selfish, you lose

if you actually are trying to help me, i will get that, and probably like you for it...
// Blogger gregory // 7:47 AM

hey gregory,

thx for the comment, i think it's a very good one.

the discussion is happening at the hbs blog, unfortunately - next time, leave it there so everyone else can respond to it.
// Blogger umair // 3:34 PM

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