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Monday, February 18, 2008

Next Wednesdays

I don't know about you guys, but I'm jonesing for a Next Wednesday.

So let's get together this week. Same place as last time - Detroit Bar, Earlham St, Covent Garden, Wednesday night from 7pm onwards.

There's tons to discuss - if you wanna suggest a specific topic, comment away, email me, etc.

All are welcome, bring a friend, if you're really unlucky, I might shoot a video of you for my HBS blog.

-- umair // 2:45 PM // 5 comments


Hi Umair -

Would have joined you all but I'm spending the week in Switzerland (and not in London the next Wednesday either).

But the next time I'm back in London a Wednesday, I'll ask for a session :-)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:28 PM

Are newbies welcome? If so I'll be there!
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:08 PM

hey julien,

that's too bad, i was gonna video your thoughts on dna/lean mass, that was a great comment.

let's try when you're back :)

hey farhan,

of course - we will look fwd to seeing you there.

cheers guys.
// Blogger umair // 8:38 PM

see you tonight!
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:01 PM

Umair, please put it on Upcoming. The danger is that your invites get lost in the many RSS feeds I sub to.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:41 PM

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