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Monday, February 25, 2008

Next Wednesdays

Hey guys, I had a special request for a Next Weds tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

So, if you're around and interested, let's get together at Detroit on Earlham St in Covent Garden from 8pm.

Since I don't have a life, we will do both nights this week.

-- umair // 10:51 AM // 5 comments


Or you could do both.

Weds works for me. Tuesday not so much.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:33 AM

Tuesday works, can't do Wednesday
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:36 AM

tuesday works ok for me
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:05 PM

Nice :) Many thanks!
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:59 PM

hang-on shurely this will split attendance across two nights - community needs critical mass right!?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:23 PM

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