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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goople vs The World

Hi folks, this week at my HBS blog we're doing something a bit different. I haven't discussed next-gen strategy in depth for quite a while.

So that's what we're doing this week - with a focus on why it seems that, no matter how hard everyone else fights them, the next-gen media pie will seemingly be split between Apple and Google.

Check it out, leave a comment, discuss away there, etc.

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I am posting this here since it did not get reflected in HBS blog
Hi Umair,

I agree about the arguments about Google made here but saying that they also match with Apple hmmm ! I am not sure.

As once before I would venture to say that either what you are saying is wrong or maybe I have not understood the point well enough as this post is very sketchy.

Btw every time I read a post of yours this is what rings in my head "Umair's posts are like 'mini skirts' - What they reveal is tantalizing, but what they hide is crucial." - adapted from a very popular sidduism( :D

But anyway getting back to the topic.Building products by acing across all the dimension of functionality, form/aesthetics & emotional appeal apple has many times established its supremacy but you have yourself have made arguments ( and have taken a lot of heat for it) in bubblegen circa 2004 - 2006-7 that apple does not understand platform strategy at all

Indirect network effects, establishing platform value chain and acting a platform coordinator is alien to Apple/Jobs crew.

If I understand the thesis of the edge competencies (essential strand of new DNA) right then they rest on the foundation of network economics and strategy ( next generation of it rather than the old version of Val Harian).

One thing I agree is that Jobs always tries to redefine value chain by creating huge value for the consumers but it has not been so far in tune with network econ so I am not sure how much what is argued in this post is correct.

- Rajan
// Blogger Rajan // 12:16 PM

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