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Monday, May 19, 2008


"...But the problem with your blog is you don't write often enough. You make false promises (etsy article). Then you complain about communitied out as if there is a gatekeeper. I know you won't post this, but this is for your benefit."

Dasher, take a deep breath. Relax. I give you as much as I can. The Etsy article will be up as time permits.

FYI - Both here and at my HB blog, it's only comments with personal attacks that are modded out.

-- umair // 2:52 PM // 5 comments


I'm not sure if it's a generational thing or an implicit encouragement from certain writing styles but there seems to be this sense of entitlement from commenters. I'm sure you get it much worse than I do but it's like you owe them an explanation and if you don't give it - you're a fraud or a liar or wrong.

Has your practice of calling them out individually had much success?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:40 PM


Sorry for harshness (came out harsher than I intended) in my comment. I don't feel entitled tough I enjoy and appreciate reading your posts and want more of it :). I left the comment as a critical feedback in a post where it felt appropriate to do so. I care about what you say and want to see you get well deserved recognition for your contribution in the community. My feedback (tough love) was intended to help in that direction.

Whether people agree with you or not, you ask the big important questions and frame the problem in ways that help people like me. So that is of great value. Please continue doing that (as often as possible) and everything (success, recognition etc.) will follow.

Apologies for the harshness.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:33 PM

I didn't know there was a promise about Etsy, but it would be great to read more. The comment Fred Wilson made recently that you were more for information flows rather than data assets sounds like it could apply to Etsy.

But, I still don't see how the means of production for Etsy will make it the next Google. It could be a better eBay, sure. It connects buyers and sellers.

There's got to be more to the story though with Accel coming into the game. Fred Wilson, Accel and yourself...I wouldn't play ping pong against you. There must be some non-public information about their plans.
// Blogger Lloyd Fassett // 1:13 AM

While you are working on that Etsy article, why don't come by the Etsy office next time you are in NYC and chat with us? My email is dave@etsy
// Blogger Dave // 2:42 AM

This post is not a personal attack but it will be modded because you don't like smarter people taking your arguments apart.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:58 PM

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