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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Open > Closed

A nice example of how to get it wrong.

Hey, look, I used an example that's not Google...!

-- umair // 5:14 PM // 2 comments


I think individuals naturally understand the idea of 'paying for art' - though can still comprehend a publisher's commercial monopoly (as long as it doesn't result in storm troopers bashing their doors down at 3am).

Publishers with their unnatural privilege of exclusive manufacture of copies understand the unnatural idea of 'paying for copies'.

There is a fundamental disconnect, a grok schism.

Sparks will fly.

Psychopathic corporations cannot understand why people aren't happy paying for each copy - despite the art being identical in each.

It's time to abolish the idea that there is inherent value in each identical copy - there isn't. The value is in the art, not the copy.

Abolish copyright.
// Blogger Crosbie Fitch // 6:06 PM

Finally! I thought you'd never take that 'I <3 Goog' shirt off.

;) C
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:51 PM

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